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Travel tips for travelling in Georgia. Banks and ATM"s in Georgia

Banking in Georgia keeps quite high standards. It is the most developed country in former Soviet Union. Working hours: 10.00 am - 05.00 pm. Every Bank has its special branch operating whole night or to late evening. The Leading Banks are: TBC Bank. Bank of Georgia, Procredit Bank, Bank Republic. These banks has their individual design of Brand, so it is easy to identify their branches by colour. TBC Bank Light blue, Bank of Georgia Orange, ProcreditBank Red, Bank of Republic Black and red.

ATM's has the same colour. You can find them in bank offices, Shops, Supermarkets and at many other places. It is safe to withdraw cash from ATM located in the streets, but its better to do it in the bank. In the case of any uncertainty it is possible to receive assistance primarily the bank. The quality of service is regularly inspected by special departments of the banks, so service is quite reliable and comfortable. You can find ATM's even in a little cities, but in Georgia transactions are done mostly by cash, so its better to have some cash at any time  


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